May 8, 2019
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 5 June 2024 – Trustco Properties is pleased to announce the appointments of Lizette Da Fonseca as the newly appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Lindie Verwey as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of its real estate portfolio, effective 1 May 2024.

About Lizette
With over 27 years of professional experience, Lizette embarked on her career journey in the maize triangle of Namibia, Grootfontein. Starting off as an Assistant Manager, she steadily climbed the career ladder, attributing her success to her humble beginnings. “The principle remains the same for me, if you can’t appreciate your current privilege, you won’t value anything beyond this”, Lizette states. It is this level of professionalism that propelled her into the corporate world of financial services when she joined the banking industry in 2001, holding various designations including Customer Information Consultant and Account Analyst. In 2006 Lizette entered the properties sphere at Standard Bank’s Home Loans division and worked her way up to Registrations and Cancellations Manager.

Joining Trustco Properties in 2016, Lizette excelled in various managerial positions including Mortgage and Financial Advisor and COO of Mortgage and Sales. Equipped with a Certificate in Real Estate, Lizette embraces the opportunity to serve the property development and management industry as she passionately says: “People are my lifeblood. I love the energy of dealing with our people through different walks of life. Doing that while serving my community through this vibrant brand is an extra bonus and I’m thankful for the opportunity Trustco Properties provides. The journey remains impactful for both me and my team.”
Additionally, Lizette also serves as Trustee on the Home Owners Association of Elisenheim Property Development Company (EPDC).

About Lindie
As a Bachelor of Arts graduate, Lindie commenced her career as an Office Administrator in 2006, transitioning thereafter into the aviation industry where she served as the General Manager at the Windhoek Flight Training Centre, gaining valuable experience in business operations and government liaisons.
Lindie joined Trustco Properties in 2012 as a Property Administrator, where she capitalized on her diverse background in operational roles. Swiftly promoted to Operations Manager, she oversaw rental properties, construction projects and site inspections, to name but a few of her responsibilities. With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, as the newly appointed COO, Lindie is dedicated to leveraging her years of knowledge to drive the company’s success and foster growth. “My appointment as COO is a humbling experience and fills me with immense accomplishment and pride in our collective achievements to date. I see this as an opportunity to excel in this new chapter of my life and career. Thank you to the team for their trust”, she proudly says.
Lindie additionally also serves as a Trustee on the Home Owners Association of EPDC.

About Trustco Properties
Established in 1992, Trustco Properties has been a pioneer in property development in Namibia boasting a property portfolio of more than NAD 1.3 billion. With innovative and strategic real estate landbanks and a strong presence in the market, Trustco Properties manages and develops prominent developments such as the Elisenheim Lifestyle Estate and the Lafrenz Industrial Park. The Ombala estate in Ondangwa in Northern Namibia showcases the company’s commitment to future growth and development. Trustco Properties also manages property rentals and undeveloped farmland strategically located in and around the capital city for future developments to accommodate Namibia’s growing population. With above-average growth in property management and development, Trustco Properties remains steadfast in its pursuit to provide the highest quality of property and life for all Namibians.
The leadership of Lizette and Lindie underscores Trustco Properties’ commitment to strategic success and sustainable growth in the real estate sector and we wish them well in their endeavors in these new leadership roles.