About Us

It all started in 2005 with the acquisition of the Farm Elisenheim situated just North of Windhoek, and the founding of Elisenheim Property Development Company (EPDC).

By 2006 just over a 1,000 ha of land was set aside and rezoned for development by 2007/08. The Elisenheim Estate was officially launched on the 30th of January 2010.

During the 2014 financial year Trustco Group Holdings acquired a 100% shareholding in the Elisenheim Property Development Company (EPDC) being the registered owner of Portion 5 of Portion 4 of the Farm Elisenheim No. 68.

The total size of the land is 1,186 hectares, of which 628 hectares is earmarked for residential purposes while 558 hectares is held in reserve, with possible future development potential. The residential area consists of 21 extensions, which will be developed in 13 phases.

Town Planning includes 6,000 plots, 5 churches, 3 schools, general residential plots, and a business zone comprising of retail and commercial plots.

Record sales have been measured with the selling of these phases.

  • Phase 1 consisting of 421 plots.
  • Phase 2, consisting of 291 plots.
  • Phase 3, consisting of 333 plots.

The demand for serviced land in Namibia far exceeds the supply with a current housing shortage in excess of 40,000 dwellings in Namibia, mainly in the high density urban areas. EPDC is well positioned with the commercial and residential zoned properties that it owns to utilise this shortfall of available serviced land.

With EPDC’s current residential development, Elisenheim Lifestyle Estate will also be assisting with alleviating the critical shortage of residential properties in the central region as this development caters for the high density, medium income housing market. This is also in line with Government’s drive to provide housing to Namibian citizens.