Important clauses which may limit Trustco Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd’s (Trustco Properties) responsibility,
or place an obligation on you as purchaser to indemnify Trustco Properties. You must pay special attention
to these clauses.
Trustco Properties, subject to the terms and conditions below, is offering to settle the transfer fees on
behalf of purchasers for all successful transfers of erven at Elisenheim Lifestyle Estate. This promotional offer
will cover transfer fees only, and excludes any other fees.
This is a Trustco Properties initiative. Trustco Properties is a subsidiary company of Trustco Group Holdings
Ltd, located at Trustco House, 2 Keller Street Windhoek of the Republic of Namibia.
In order to qualify for this promotional offer, the following terms and conditions will apply:
Only erven sold at the Elisenheim Lifestyle Village are eligible for this promotion;
Erven must be purchased directly from Trustco Properties and not through an estate agent,
It is the obligation of the Purchasers to ensure that the erf registers within 6 (six) weeks after
signing of a sales agreement with Trustco Properties,
The Purchaser will first have to settle the transfer fees directly to the conveyancing attorneys and
only if the property registers within 6 (six) weeks of signing of the sale agreement will the transfer
fees be refunded to the Purchaser.
The property will have to be transferred into the personal capacity of the purchaser and not into a
CC or Pty Ltd.
Only upon confirmation by Trustco Properties that the above conditions were adequately met, will
settlement of the transfer fees be made to the purchaser. This promotional offer is only valid for the period
between 11th April 2019 to 31 July 2019 and erven must be successfully transferred within six weeks of
signing the sale agreement.
Trustco Properties reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotional offer and these terms and
conditions without notice in the event of any unforeseen circumstances outside the control of Trustco
Properties. Any changes to the promotional offer will be notified to qualifying purchasers as soon as
reasonably possible by Trustco Properties.
All qualifying purchasers herewith acknowledge and agree that in the event of cancellation of the
promotional offer, Trustco Properties shall not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its
obligations if caused by factors outside its control.

For further enquiries please contact us through the following: or 061-2754811.